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FDC has always sought to effect economic and social change through connecting innovation with development needs and outcomes. By incorporating a commercial entity, Deventures, FDC accelerates its role in the development agenda through its capacity to identify, test and implement key development initiatives.

The mission of Deventures is to commercialise development initiatives, creating the right ecosystems and go to market solutions and models that can create winning outcomes for all actors in the value chain and, in particular, deliver positive development outcomes for the economies involved.

The opportunity landscape is limitless, and the role of Deventures, which is enabled by leveraging FDC’s decades of work in building networks and channels to the poor, is focused in three pivotal areas:

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  1. Translating technology and business model innovations into meaningful responses or solutions that meet the real needs of the poor.

  2. Providing commercial pathways and returns for viable innovations whilst they deliver development outcomes.

  3. Creating new investment pathways for investors into currently unavailable or untapped investment markets in the region.

In doing so, Deventures disrupts traditional development paradigms, and align the interests of multiple coalitions towards shared objectives.

The first Deventures initiative, FYXA Global, focuses on providing digital financial services, such as savings, loans, insurances, remittances and pensions, to this vast population of underserved individuals, at a price they can afford.