Financial Inclusion Policy

  • Best Practice in Banking with the Poor

  • The Role of Commercial Banks in Microfinance

  • Getting the Framework
    Right: Policy and Regulation for Microfinance in Asia 


  • The Role of Central Banks in Microfinance in Asia and the Pacific

  • Linkage Banking in the Pacific

  • Microfinance Development Programs for Rural Women in Asia and the Pacific

  • Partnerships in microfinance

  • Take-up of Digital Finance in Poor and Underserved Populations



  • South Pacific and Caribbean Island Economies

  • National Security and Australia's Aid Program

  • Development cooperation into the 21st century

  • Building on Asia Pacific Community

Regional & Economic Cooperation

  • Effects on Microfinance of the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis

  • Microfinance and Disaster Management

  • Microfinance in East Timor, Relief Reconstruction and Development

  • The contribution of microfinance to post-conflict recovery in Asia and the Pacific



  • Digital dividends for the poor - ICT for poverty reduction in Asia

  • Energy for All

  • Governance and Leadership in the Pacific: Options to Increase Female Participation

  • The Financial Exclusion of Microenterprises and

Energy, Gender


  • Remittances, Microfinance and Development: building the links

  • The effect of remittance related financial education on financial inclusion

The Informal


  • A National Policy for the Informal Economy in PNG

  • Informality in the Developing Economy

  • Papua New Guinea: The Informal Economy and the Resource Boom

  • The Informal Economy in Monsoon Asia and Melanesia

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