FDC has produced a range of books, articles, papers and other resources since it began in 1990. FDC aims to increase awareness of the opportunities and benefits of improved development assistance and cooperation, as well as mobilising broader Australian and overseas interest and participation in different forms of development assistance and cooperation. Publishing research and various articles encouraging discussion is just one of the ways that we promote dialogue and innovative development policy and practice across the Pacific and Asia.

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Financial Inclusion Policy

  • Best Practice in Banking with the Poor

  • The Role of Commercial Banks in Microfinance

  • Getting the Framework
    Right: Policy and Regulation for Microfinance in Asia 


  • The Role of Central Banks in Microfinance in Asia and the Pacific

  • Digital dividends for the poor - ICT for poverty reduction in Asia

  • Energy for All

  • Governance and Leadership in the Pacific: Options to Increase Female Participation

  • The Financial Exclusion of Microenterprises and

Gender, Energy

  • Linkage Banking in the Pacific

  • Microfinance Development Programs for Rural Women in Asia and the Pacific

  • Partnerships in microfinance

  • Take-up of Digital Finance in Poor and Underserved Populations



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  • Remittances, Microfinance and Development: building the links

  • The effect of remittance related financial education on financial inclusion

The Informal


  • A National Policy for the Informal Economy in PNG

  • Informality in the Developing Economy

  • Papua New Guinea: The Informal Economy and the Resource Boom

  • The Informal Economy in Monsoon Asia and Melanesia

  • South Pacific and Caribbean Island Economies

  • National Security and Australia's Aid Program

  • Development cooperation into the 21st century

  • Building an Asia Pacific Community

Regional & Economic Cooperation

  • Effects on Microfinance of the 1997-98 Asian Financial Crisis

  • Microfinance and Disaster Management

  • Microfinance in East Timor,
    Relief Reconstruction and Development

  • The contribution of microfinance to post-conflict recovery in Asia and the Pacific



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