Session 2

Designing Inclusive Non-Traditional Digital Products and Services


What new technologies and innovations represent the most compelling cases for financial services providers to

adopt in order to achieve greater inclusion; especially for women?

What innovative delivery channels can be used to provide access to the poor?

In what ways can/should financial products designed for the poor differ from traditional products (i.e. pension

contributions being paid directly from wages vs individual contributions, etc.)?

How can emerging technologies such as distributed ledgers provide solutions to persistent problems such as

eKYC, transparency or cost to serve? What other fintech solutions can be deployed to support inclusion?

How can governments support interoperability to enable different payment and settlement systems and

financial service providers to function seamlessly?

How should governments collaborate with the industry to ensure room for innovation while also protecting


What are the infrastructure priorities which would enable the provision of digitally enabled products and

services to the poor?

Session 3