Session 3

Moving Beyond Access – Changing Behaviours and Achieving Real Development Outcomes

What principles should service providers adopt to ensure increased usage of financial products and services?  


The fastest-growing sector in the world is the online games industry which uses intrinsic psychological motivations and rewards applied to games (gamification) to drive learning and behaviours. What is “gamification” and how can it be applied constructively to financial service provision for the poor?

What other innovative incentive schemes can be applied to support financial education/literacy and assist

with the development of positive financial behaviours?

Thinking about the interplay between merchants and consumers, can a system be developed that creates

synergies between motivations and behaviours to drive faster services uptake?

How can consumer data be more effectively utilised? How can governments support this?

What are the available channels to the poor and how can they be utilised more effectively to support inclusive growth and development?

What are the tools which the underserved need to make better investment decisions, manage consumption smoothing and increase their access to opportunities? How are/can these tools be made available?

Session 4